Saturday, September 3, 2011

TaiwanFest and Celebration of Vancouver 125 with The First Taiwanese Banquet

TaiwanFest in Vancouver
Updated 2012 TaiwanFest Vancouver / September 1 - 3 at Vancouver Art Gallery & Granville Street

Celebrating Vancouver 125  The First Taiwanese Street Banquet
This weekend TaiwanFest! One more great Festival with great music, arts and delicious food in Vancouver.

The Taiwanese community  is celebrating TaiwanFest this weekend in downtown Vancouver. The festival includes music concerts, documentaries, games, lectures, arts and the First Street Banquet.
There are three different locations: Granville street,  the Telus TaiwanFest Main Stage by the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza, and the Roundhouse Community Centre.

The First Taiwanese Street Banquet has been organized as part of the celebrations for the 125 years of Vancouver. It is taking place during TaiwanFest on Granville street between Robson and Georgia streets in Downtown Vancouver.

TaiwanFest September 3-5 Free Admission. For more information visit TaiwanFest

International Food Fair - TaiwanFest Vancouver
Beef, lamp, pork, shrimp skewers - TaiwanFest Vancouver

  125 Years of History Granville street - TaiwanFest Street Banquet in Vancouver
125 Years of History - TaiwanFest Banquet in Vancouver
Wheel Cakes - TaiwanFest Street Banquet Vancouver
 TaiwanFest Street Banquet Vancouver
Sausage wrapped in glutinous rice - TaiwanFest Street Banquet Vancouver
Hakka Food - TaiwanFest Street Food Banquet in Vancouver
Serving Taiwan's Beef Noddle - TaiwanFest Street Banquet in Vancouver
Grilled squid - International food Fair - TaiwanFest
Candied fruit - International Food Fair TaiwanFest Vancouver
TaiwanFest Main Stage at Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza

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