Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stanley Park Vancouver´s Crown Jewel

Stanley Park Vancouver´s Crown Jewel  

Lost Lagoon -  Stanley Park - Vancouver
Stanley Park a national historic site of Canada is a 400-hectare natural West Coast rainforest almost entirely surrounded by waters of the Pacific Ocean is located in the city of Vancouver, B.C.
Thousands of residents and tourists visit the park every day to enjoy the diferent beaches, trails, wildlife, lost lagoon, swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts, and the famous seawall. Dozens of festivals, events and tournaments are also held trough the year at this beloved park.

To learn more about Stanley Park visit: City of Vancouver - Stanley Park & Stanley Park 

A heron, a duck, a goose and a cormoran in Lost Lagoon - Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
yes, It´s a coyote - Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com

Seawall -  Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
 Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
Rowing Club - Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
Barred Owl - Beaver Lake - Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
Swan - Lost Lagoon -  Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com

Brockton Point - Stanley Park - Vancouver
Tennis Courts - Stanley Park - Vancouver
Beaver Lake - Stanley Park - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
 Stanley Park - Vancouver
14 year old virtuoso cellist Tate Zawadiuk and the VSO Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performing at Vancouver 125 SummerLive
Kokoro Dance - Summer Live Vancouver 125
Stanley Park 125th Celebration - Live at Second Beach - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com
Lost Lagoon - Stanley Park  - Vancouver - photo: MapleHouse.com

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