Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Dead Altars exhibition at the Roundhouse Community Centre

The Roundhouse Community Centre presented an exhibition of Day of the Dead altars organized in conjuction with the Mexico Tourism board.

The altars were set up by companies like Mexicana Airlines, Edible British Columbia, Dona Cata Mexican Foods, Casa Las Margaritas; organizations like Ex-ATec, Consulate of Mexico in Vancouver and also for families and group of friends.

The altars were dedicated either to family members, friends and also famous and important people like Mexican writer Octavio Paz, artist Frida Kalho, artist Jose Guadalupe Posada and actors of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema like Pedro Infante and musicians like Agustin Lara.

Dona Cata Mexican Foods' altar was dedicated to family members and friends, one of them is their aunt Josefa Espejo Sanchez who was wife of Emiliano Zapata a leading figure of the Mexican Revolution.

Casa Las Margaritas' altar was dedicated to illustrator and artist Jose Guadalupe Posada whose best known works are the skulls like the famous Catrina.

Mexican Consulate in Vancouver's altar honored Mexican writer, poet and winner of the 1990 Nobel prize for literature Octavio Paz.

The Indigenous Festivity dedicated to the Dead in Mexico was proclaimed in 2003 as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

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