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Celebrating Mexican Writer José Emilio Pacheco - His works at the Vancouver Public Library

The Works of Mexican Writer José Emilio Pacheco available at The Vancouver Public Library

José Emilio Pacheco - photo source Wikipedia
Mexican writer, novelist, essayist, translator and poet José Emilio Pacheco (June 30, 1939 - January 26, 2014) who recently died was awarded with numerous literature prizes included the  Cervantes Prize, the highest award given to a Spanish language writer.
José Emilio Pacheco was a former profesor at The University of British Columbia UBC´s Hispanic and Italian studies department in Vancouver in 1968. Read this interesting article about it Here.

The following are some of his works available at the Vancouver Public Library:
Las batallas en el desierto | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

Battles in the Desert & Other Stories | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

Selected Poems | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

Selected Poems | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

City of Memory and Other Poems | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

An Ark for the next Millennium | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

Don't Ask Me How the Time Goes by | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons

Fondo de Cultura Económica has also available José Emilio Pacheco works.

José Emilio Pacheco Pinterest Board 


Poema Alta Traición de José Emilio Pacheco

The Georgia Strait
José Emilio Pacheco, Vancouver, B.C. 1968 
The forest facing the sea
An eagle high up
on the top of a conifer
It was dusk
On Vancouver Island
the sun sank
Perhaps it was the Aztlán of the Mexicans
From there seven tribes set out
and one
founded the Aztec empire
Of Aztlán only certain names remain
planted along the coast
like stones
The eagle was discovered in the bush
not heraldic
not blazing 

with light in the dusk
It preyed on fish
poisoned by pesticide garbage
industrial waste
Eagles no longer cruise over Vancouver
Today the people
watch leviathans of iron on the beach
The Aztecs believed that night
upon night the Sun God
died into the form of an eagle
and journeyd trough the Land of the Dead
to  reascend the second day
(fortified with human blood)
like a jaguar into the center of the sky
The Vancouver Indians live
on the Musqueam Reserve
donde el Fraser entrega el agua dulce
de la montaña al mar
que abre las alas
El Estrecho de Georgia une y separa
de tierra firme a Aztlán
el paraíso azteca que está muerto
como Tenochtitlán
la ciudad del ombligo de la luna
En The Musqueam Reserve 
hay tres campos de glof
Los antiguos señores de la tierra
cargan los utensilios deportivos
de los monstruos marinoa
El águila desciende
y el jaguar
¿ha bebido la sangre de la noche?

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