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Canada Remembers - A Remembrance Day Story - Death on one Kitsilano block


Canada Remembrance Day - Death on One Kitsilano Block
The following story is written on a rock plaque located at Park Site 2601 Point Grey Road (@ Trafalgar Street) in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Death On One Kitsilano Block

Edna McGillvray, November 1999

I have lived in my home for eighty 
seven years. This is how death affected
 one Kitsilano block, from 1st Avenue to
2nd Avenue on Trafalgar.
We lost the following boys in World
War II: Billy Vandervoort, Bobby Mathers,
Gordon Mantle (our paper boy) and the
two Worthington brothers, Don and Jack.
Don was in command at Falaise in France,
and his brother served under him. Their
father was Dr. Worthington, who owned
the Cut Rate Drug Stores. He had a community
centre for cards and teas built at
4th and Trafalgar in their memory.
It is long gone now.

The sad but inspiring story about the two only sons of Dr.Worthington written by Colonel (retired) Keith D. Maxwell, OMM, CD is in the following link: The Worthington Brothers

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae

Canada Remembrance Day - Kitsilano, Vancouver B.C.
Canada Remembrance Day - Kitsilano, Vancouver B.C.

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