Sunday, September 11, 2011

MexicoFest - What an Amazing Fiesta in Downtown Vancouver!

Guelaguetza Dance - "Grupo Folklorico Tradicional de la Juventud Oaxaquena" ballet - MexicoFest Vancouver
Updated 2012 - MexicoFest Vancouver 2012 Pictures

MexicoFest 2011
Experience Mexico in Vancouver ... is the logo of MexicoFest. That is what thousands of people who gathered at the Jack Poole Plaza downtown Vancouver experienced yesterday at  the Fiesta Mexico Independence.

The Mexican estate of Oaxaca is being featured during the different events of MexicoFest. Traditional dances of the most famous festival in Oaxaca La Guelaguetza were presented by the folk ballet "Grupo Folklórico Tradicional de la Juventud Oaxaqueña", an exhibition of beautiful art crafts, coffee, Mezcal, and information  of Oaxaca tourism destinations (Huatulco, Oaxaca city, Puerto Escondido) were also displayed.

Recognized Pop Musician and composer Benny Ibarra who is famous in Mexico,  Latin America and Latin population of Canada and the U.S. participated in this festival, along with other artists and musicians like "Estudiantina de la Universidad La Salle" from Mexico City, Rosalinda from San Antonio Texas, Mariachi Estrella de Mexico from Seattle, and Vancouver based pop band "Tren al Sur" , Latin Trio "Cafe con Leche" and Zumba Fitness BC.

A very popular character during the festival was "Frida", along with a "Charro" who were featured as amazing giant puppets known in Mexico as "mojigangas". They were brought from Sonora, Mexico by artist Ana Isabel Martin del C. 

There were also food and exhibition of products and services by different Vancouver based Mexican, Latin American restaurants , businesses and sponsors.

See more pictures of MexicoFest in TenekTech  Facebook page. 

For more Information:
Note - You can visit Magical Oaxaca Exhibition at PERA Gallery and enjoy Oaxacan cuisine at different Mexican restaurants in Vancouver.

Frida and Charro - "Mojigangas" by artist Ana Isabel Martin del C. - MexicoFest Vancouver 

Estudiantina La Salle - MexicoFest Vancouver
Zumba Fitness BC - MexicoFest Vancouver

Mezcal -  Oaxacan Exhibition at MexicoFest Vancouver
Coffee - Oaxacan Exhibition at MexicoFest Vancouver
Owl "Alebrije"  wooden sculpture - Oaxacan Exhibition at MexicoFest Vancouver- 
"Alebrijes" wooden sculptures - Oaxacan Exhibition at MexicoFest Vancouver

"Alebrijes" wood sculptures by Zeny Fuentes Reyna - Oacan Exhibition at MexicoFest Vancouver
"Tren al Sur" Vancouver Latin Pop Band - MexicoFest vancouver
"Grupo Folklorico de la Juventud Oaxaquena" - MexicoFest Vancouver
Public get gifts (Guelaguetza) from "Ballet Folklorico de la Juventud Oaxaqueña" dancers - MexicoFest Vancouver 

"Danza de la Pluma" Dance of the Feather - Guelaguetza dance by "Grupo Folklorico de la Juventud Oaxaquena" - MexicoFest Vancouver
"Danza de la Pluma" Dance of the Feather - MexicoFest Vancouver
Estrella de Mexico Mariachi band - MexicoFest Vancouver
MexicoFest Vancouver
Mexican Singer Benny Ibarra - MexicoFest Vancouver
A large crowd who attended MexicoFest packed the Jack Poole Plaza in Downtown Vancouver 
"Guelaguetza" in Vancouver - MexicoFest
Benny Ibarra - MexicoFest Vancouver
"Flor de Piña" Guelaguetza dance - Grupo Foklórico de la Juventud Oaxaqueña - MexicoFest Vancouver 
Latin Trio "Cafe con Leche" - MexicoFest Vancouver
Ballet Folklórico Tradicional de la Juventud Oaxaqueña, Grito de Independencia, Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

Benny Ibarra 

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