Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Viva Vancouver! on Granville Street

Mexico Vivo Folklore and Salsa ballet at Viva Vancouver on Granville street
Updated 2012: This year Viva Vancouver - Carnaval del Sol is on June 30th.

 Mexico Vivo Folklore and Salsa Dance troupe will be performing at LATINCOUVER Carnaval Del Sol . Show is at 3p.m. at the Main Stage. Presenting dances from: Yucatan, Nayarit Mestizo y Jalisco.

Viva Vancouver 2011
Lots of fun on the first weekend of Viva Vancouver on Granville street!

Downtown Granville street in Vancouver is transformed to a pedestrian street every weekend this summer thanks to Viva Vancouver, a program of the City Of Vancouver that includes community events and activities  presented every weekend starting June 25.

RedBull Skateboard Show - Viva Vancouver on Granville street

The events and activities presented on the first weekend included a  RedBull Skateboard show on Saturday June 25 and Carnaval del Sol on Sunday 26. The show on Sunday was a Latin American festival that included street vendors offering traditional Latin American food, and also the participation of several Vancouver based Latin American musicians and artists like Mexican Ballet "Mexico Vivo Folklore and Salsa".

Mexico Vivo Folklore and Salsa at Viva Vancouver on Granville street
Week 2 promises to be a big success too as everybody is invited to dance Argentinian Tango on Saturday and there will be presentations of Breakdance Hip-Hop.
For more information visit Viva Vancouver site.

Viva Vancouver -  The pedestrian plaza with bright tables, chairs and umbrellas on Granville street

Viva Vancouver - playing "futbolito" mini football at Granville street
Guelaguetza dances by Mexico Vivo at Viva Vancouver

Viva Vancouver - Granville Street

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