Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Singing for Mexico" Fundraising Concert at Restaurant El Barrio in Vancouver

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy another great evening with Latin American local musicians and delicious food next Saturday October 16th at El Barrio Restaurant.

Share with us an appointment with the Angels, a night full of songs of the soul and solidarity in favor of our brothers affected by tropical storms in Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz and Oaxaca Mexico at El Barrio Restaurant Latino .
Call for reservations: 604-569-2220
Click the link to add the event on your Facebook account: Cantando por México/Singing for Mexico 

Musicians to perform at this event:
  • Pablo Oyarzo: Being exposed to his latin roots and culture by way of his family and friends, Pablo's love for music became deeper and more profound. Pablo Oyarzo MySpace.
  • Sangre Morena: Romance, passion and lively rhythms. Sangre Morena is a musical duo that performs music from Mexico, Latin America and Spain. We bring the most beloved Spanish-language songs to life with beautiful, passionate singing and the fiery sounds of the Flamenco Guitar. Sangre Morena website
  • Joaquin Ernesto : Co-op Radio show host and musician.Flamenco and Romantic Tango producer and host.
  • Oliver Santa Maria
  • La Gitana
  • Rene Hugo y sus amigos: Influences - South American folk music traditions, flamenco, jazz... Rene Hugo y sus amigos MySpace.
  • Café con Leche: focuses on the latin romantic music such as boleros, ballads and other mexican songs.Café con Leche website
  • Rolo Preza: Rumba Calzada Vocalist and percussionist.
  • Michelle Cormier
  • Sonia Mejía and Maquilishuat Group - Traditionals dances from El Salvador and Mediterranean (Arab/Flamenco) Dances.

Events organized by Casa Meshiko Vancouver ( Hurricane Relief Mexico 2010 ) and volunteers (artists and media: Latino Soy 96.1 FM , 102.7 FM Co-op Radio, Acento Latino TV, CJSF Radio).
Proceeds will be donated to Cáritas México charitable organization. If you need more information, want to participate as a volunteer or make a donation please contact Javier Romero at Casa Meshiko Vancouver phone 604-278-8108..